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Created 1-May-16
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Because you lava challenge…. You’ll find our idyllic river valley erupting with greens and blooms along this very runnable new course starting at Willamette Mission State Park for a beautiful out-and-back course. Our updated course runs two miles inside of beautiful Willamette Mission State Park before exiting the park and running through the Willamette Valley farm lands and returning back where a fully-appointed after-party with band, food, and festivities awaits.

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2016 Volcano Valley Start2016 Volcano Valley: Wheatland Ferry - 8:19am - 8:30am2016 Volcano Valley:  Wheatland Ferry - 8:31am - 8:35an2016 Volcano Valley:  Wheatland Ferry - 8:36am - 8:40am2016 Volcano Valley:  Wheatland Ferry - 8:41am - 8:56am2016 Volcano Valley Half - 9:00am-9:10am2016 Volcano Valley Half - 9:11am-9:25am2016 Volcano Valley Half - 9:26am-9:50am2016 Volcano Valley Half - 9:51am-10:10am2016 Volcano Valley Half - 10:11am+