GCC Photography | 2018 Butte to Butte

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Created 4-Jul-18
Modified 6-Jul-18
Join us for Track Town's 4th of July celebration, where there is something for everyone. With a competitive 10K, a 5K, and a 4 mile walk, a challenging course and awesome t-shirts, Eugene's most popular road race continues its long tradition and ignites the holiday fireworks!

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2018 Butte to Butte:  5k Start2018 Butte to Butte:  5k Finish:  7:44am - 8:00am2018 Butte to Butte:  5k Finish:  8:01am - 8:29am2018 Butte to Butte:  Finish:  8:30am - 8:45am2018 Butte to Butte:  Finish:  8:46am - 8:55am2018 Butte to Butte:  Finish:  8:56am - 9:05am2018 Butte to Butte:  Finish:  9:06am - 9:15am2018 Butte to Butte:  Finish:  9:16am - 9:30am2018 Butte to Butte:  Finish:  9:31am - 9:45am2018 Butte to Butte:  Finish:  9:46am+