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Newport lies at the heart of Oregon's beautiful central coast. Blue water, crashing surf, and natural wonders abound in seemingly endless variety. Local residents love to share their special place with visitors giving Newport its motto "The Friendliest". From quiet walks on the beach to deep sea fishing to visiting the numerous local attractions, there are a wide range of opportunities for recreation and inner reflection. It's the perfect setting for a marathon.
2019 Newport Marathon Walk:  Start2019 Newport Marathon Walk2019 Newport Marathon:  Start2019 Newport Marathon:  4 miles2019 Newport Half Marathon:  Start2019 Newport Half Marathon:  4 miles2019 Newport Marathon & Half:  10k:  8:18am-9:00am2019 Newport Half Marathon:  11 miles: 1:41:00-3:22:592019 Newport Marathon:  24 miles2019 Newport Half Marathon:  Finish2019 Newport Marathon:  Finish2019 Newport Marathon:  Special Interest