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Created 24-Nov-18
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Run’ucopia is a Salem tradition. Bring your family and friends and engage in some healthy activity before your feast. Consider this your “appetite development.” It is a tradition of friends, family and competitors. At its very core, running is about pushing yourself to new heights, new records, and charting your progress along the journey.

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2018 Salem Runucopia:  Kid's 1k2018 Salem Runucopia:  10k-Half First Mile2018 Salem Runucopia:  5k First Mile2018 Salem Runucopia:  5k Last Mile:  9:30am-9:40am2018 Salem Runucopia:  5k-10k Last Mile:  9:41am-10:00am2018 Salem Runucopia:  5k-10K-Half Last Mile:  10:01am+